Play with friends

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How does it work?

Invite friends

Starting with Account Level 3, you can create your own referral link to invite your friends.

Play together

Players who register their account using your referral link will receive a welcome package, and you’ll be able to conquer the seas together!

Get rewards

As you and your friends progress through the game, you'll receive bonuses for reaching certain milestones

Your friends' victories are your victories!

As soon as your friend plays their first battle with a Tier VI standard non-premium ship, you will receive a large set of treasure.

You can receive this gift up to three times

Big Treasure Chest

More info about the Treasure Chest

3,000,000 credits
25 of every type of signal flag
25 Damage Control Party 2
25 Type 5 Camouflage
1 Port slot
Veteran's flag

Help beginners get off to a good start!

Your friends are entitled to bonuses too.

Each newcomer registered through your link gets gifts that will make their first steps in the game easier and more enjoyable:


The reward for participating in the first battle


The reward for the first "random battle" in a Tier VI standard non-premium ship
More on Rewards

All ships are rewarded with a free Port slot and a 3-skill commander.

USS Texas comes with these additional rewards:

3,000,000 Credits
80,000 Free exp
25 Signal Flags of each type
1 Port slot